Organize your Email Account

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Organize your Email Account

Are you getting those warnings in your inbox that say you are nearly over your storage quota? It is time for you to clean out your email box! If you keep up on this regularly, you will find it much easier than trying to slog through a backlog of months worth of emails. If you find you have let it go too long and it is an overwhelming task, do it in sections by spending 10 minutes a day on it until it is caught up. It will help you to set up files within your email box, but only if you clean these out regularly also. Remember: your filing system is only as good as it is organized and up-to-date. Get into the habit of deleting emails immediately after taking action on them. Set up a '6 Months' archive to store the 'keepers' in and then delete everything you've been holding onto every six months. If it's really important to keep, print out a paper copy to file in your paper document system and then delete the electronic file. Note: check your 'sent' folder regularly, and delete everything in there you don't need. This can eat up your quote dramatically with messages you don't even care to store.



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