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Haggling over health care costs?

Negotiating Fees

Health care costs are expected to rise by more than 10% in 2002, despite sluggishness in the overall economy.

However, the Wall Street Journal (2/8/2002) reports that a small, but vocal, number of patients are finding success as they haggle with their providers over costs. One way they are doing this is researching in advance what some procedures cost ( and asking their doctors not to charge more than those standard costs.

What is an independent benefit service?

Independent Benefits Services

Buying health care insurance for your home business can be daunting. Many home office workers have spouses whose employers provide the family with health coverage.

For those of us who must go it alone however, there are options. I have purchased my health care insurance through an independent benefit service. They were able to research the market for me, and provide me with a list of potential options that I could choose from.

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