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What´s the most economical form of furniture?

The eight-foot table

A friend of mine who owns a printing firm is doing very well these days; in fact, he just remodeled his whole desktop publishing area. But he only did that when the business justified it (by paying for itself). Until he got things really comfortable, he used eight-foot tables in that area. They were inexpensive, functional, and he used the money on more important items.

Why do I need a good chair?

Get a good chair

Some days when you're working, it's your rear end that gets the best work-out. I recommend a good chair. A good chair is comfortable, offers good support for your back, and offers all-important protection against the scourge of the devoted home office worker, hemorrhoids.

What do you think of assembling your own furniture?

Do-it-yourself furniture

You don't have to spend a lot on office furniture. You can get some really nice stuff if you're willing to put it together. I've never been mechanically inclined, but some of the do-it-yourself models of furniture are made to go together easily. I've furnished my whole office, including desks, chairs, book cases, cupboards, and more, without too much trouble at all.

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