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What is a good busines planning software?

Business Plan Pro

Business planning is a difficult task, but Business Plan Pro software, available from Palo Alto Software, will walk you through the process of creating a sterling business plan, using a wizard-driven approach. You're not likely to forget any important elements of your plan. Check it out, at

Should I choose the Windows XP Home or Professional Upgrade?

Home or Professional?

Windows XP is available in two versions, both Home and Professional. Which should you choose? The Home version, for $99, serves as an upgrade to Windows ME and Windows 98. As well, it is designed to handle all of the add-on devices you might care to use (i.e. cameras, MP3 players, etc.) Windows XP Professional ($199) is an upgrade of Windows 2000. It contains security and networking features your home office might not need.

How does Windows XP handle peripherals?

Plug and Play for Real?

Do you remember the drill you had to go through when you got that new printer, or when you needed to re-install your printer software? Windows XP eliminates the need for much of the installation process, because it often recognizes and installs peripherals automatically.

How can I control software costs.


Before you go out and plop down big bucks for that specialized software bundle, ask yourself "what do I really need to acomplish?" Many software authors have excellent shareware products that are accessible via the internet, cost much less than "store bought" software and actually let your try before you buy.

Should I upgrade to Windows XP

To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

Microsoft recommends a PIII running at least 500 mhz and 128+ Ram. So if your machine is less than two years old, there is a good chance you can upgrade and not get bogged down too much. (Of course, if you decide to buy a new computer right now, there is a good chance Windows XP will be already installed!)

Will upgrading to Windows XP affect the other programs I am running?

Windows XP Plus?

In deciding whether to upgrade to Windows XP, you may want to consider that other programs you currently own, such as antivirus and firewall programs will need to be upgraded as well. Check with the manufacturers of these products to see how they are handling the upgrade. Windows XP may cost you more than just the price of the product.

What´s special about Windows XP?

No Crashes

A long, long time ago, Microsoft brought us an operating system called "DOS," which stood for Disk Operating System. That was in the early 1980's. Over the years, they've upgraded and improved their interface, but systems as recent as Windows ME have continued to rely on DOS for at least some of its functionality. At one point, Microsoft, understanding the limitations of DOS, created a whole new OS called Windows NT, which is much more stable, although its primary market was the corporate marketplace. What's important to know about Windows XP is that it is the first consumer OS Microsoft has released that's based on the Windows NT kernel, making it much more stable and much more reliable.

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