Organize your Paper Mess into a Filing System

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Organize your Paper Mess into a Filing System

Is your current filing system a mess of papers covering the surface of your desk? If so, you likely can't find anything quickly and efficiently when you need it. Set up a workable filing system for yourself by sitting down on the floor of your office and sorting those papers into piles. Identify your own unique situation: what subjects are you dealing with on a regular basis? Most likely your filing system will be broken into finances, projects, correspondence, and research. Identify and title your bills by vendor, name your projects and research topics and separate your correspondence into two groups: business and personal. Depending on the volume of paperwork you handle, you may set up a small plastic filing box or a cabinet. You'll need hanging file folders to place your files in: they space out your files in the cabinet and allow the files to slide on the metal frame inside the cabinet. If your cabinet didn't come with these already, you may need to buy these too. You will find everything you need in the stationery section of your local store. If you're using paper file trays on your desk, get some sticky labels and label them "In" and "Out". The 'In' file is for your mail and items you have yet to take action on. The 'Out' file is for paperwork you've taken action on and need to file away in your permanent filing system, as well as any correspondence or bills that are ready to go into the mail. With these features set up, you are going to find your paperwork system is one that supports you, rather than frustrates you!



12/12/2007 4:36:04 PM
Diane said:

I'm really struggling may this be a help. thankew

12/19/2007 10:14:15 AM
bevans said:

This is actually very helpful. Short and concise. Ideas are not hard to implement. Thanks


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