Establishing a Home Office

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Establishing a Home Office

An office is meant to be the hub of your ambitious life. If you are going to accomplish your business and career goals, you need an organized center from which to operate. The key elements you need to have in place for a functioning home office are: communication tools (phone/fax, computer with high speed internet hookup, portable cell phone, pens, paper), document filing system (paper and electronic), calendar. I prefer a large, visible calendar on the wall of my office, and a smaller notebook-style calendar that fits in my purse. Some people like to use an electronic organizer, especially if they are coordinating their schedule with a personal assistant at their business office who is using a software calendar. But for a home office without a personal assistant, a white board on the wall works great, along with a hand-held notebook you can jot (and erase) appointments in when you are out. It is also helpful to have a couple of desk-top trays, where you can place papers prior to filing, so that the surface of your desk does not get cluttered. With these basic tools in place, you are ready to begin working seamlessly from home.



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