Home Office Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things should a telecommuter be required to pay for?

How do I handle complaints?

How much risk can I tolerate?

What is an average debt load?

How can a telecommuter gain the trust of an employer?

How do I deal with an unreasonable customer?

Who says "marketing is everything?"

What can I do about non-paying or slow paying clients or vendors ?

What´s the best schedule for paying taxes?

When should I buy a flat-screen monitor?

How can telecommuters help a company function during an emergency?

What are the Palm and other handheld devices good for?

What´s wrong with sharing?

Why is "home" a safer place to work?

How secure are Cable Modems and DSL Lines?

What is the simplest way to structure a business if I´m starting out?

How much technology do I need?

What is the purpose of advertising?

What kind of business should I start?

What´s the best way to avoid problems in a business partnership?

When should I take a walk?

Should I buy a Macintosh or a PC?

Who is Tom Peters

What do you think of assembling your own furniture?

What kind of long distance plan is best for me?

What´s the status of wireless home networks?

Who can inspire me when I´m down?

What are some of the difficulties with wireless home networks?

What´s a good, inexpensive way to stay visible with my customers?

What makes me better than everyone else?

How can I avoid start-up risk?

Why should a telecommuter have a more professional office space?

What´s my thing?

Do I need a business plan?

What is a "Working Buddy," and what are the advantages?

Haggling over health care costs?

How can I make paying taxes less taxing?

Can I Become a Lifetips Guru?

Who sets the pace?

What do you do when a kid screams and you´re on the phone?

What´s the oddest "home office" story you´ve ever heard?

What´s the most important part of an ad?

What should my "burn rate" of cash be?

What makes a good ad?

How do I deal with frustrations?

How will hiring my child affect my taxes?

Should I consult part-time between jobs?

Where can I find a good business-to-business list?

How do I get my slow-pay clients to pay?

How do I know if I´m providing a superior service?

What is COBRA?

Should I upgrade to Windows XP

How do you get out of the blocks quickly?

Should I choose the Windows XP Home or Professional Upgrade?

How can I find the positive elements in a bad situation?

What should I do when I´m waiting for new work to be assigned?

Why are telecommuting employees happier employees?

Will upgrading to Windows XP affect the other programs I am running?

Can I get away, without really getting away?

What if my office is too small?

What´s the most important thing to know about taxes?

What do customers care about?

What´s the best way to deal with slow cash flow?

How should I start my ad?

What about rebates?

How easy is it to run cable for a home network?

How do know where you are going?

Where should I focus my business energies?

What´s the difference between products and services?

How do I keep my desk from being so cluttered?

How do I use "the book of business lists"?

What´s the most economical form of furniture?

Should I run large ads or small ads?

How can I have "job security" working at home?

How can I keep from forgetting my good ideas?

What´s a good Mac game site?

Who has the lowest prices on computers?

What is positioning?

How can I control software costs.

What is my "unique selling proposition"?

What´s special about Windows XP?

Do I need disability insurance?

What´s the best way to reach a lot of potential customers, quickly?

How do I know when it´s time to move on?

How should I respond in a growing (or shrinking) economy?

How does Windows XP handle peripherals?

Why do I need a good chair?

Who gets you coffee in the morning?

What´s the trend for wireless home networks?

What is an independent benefit service?

Why should I buy a computer at a local retail store?

How does telecommuting make good sense?

What´s the best way to dissolve a business partnership?

What kinds of high speed internet access are available to me?

Which is faster, a Cable modem or DSL?

How do you deal with "claustrophobia," being home all the time?

What is a good busines planning software?

How do I determine my home office technology needs?

How can I generate a lot of new business quickly?

How can I create personalized mass mailings?

How do I save money on my phone service?

How much Free Cell is good for you?

How do I get office supplies, when I don´t have time to go out for the

Should I group my errands to save time?

How can I avoid losing or forgetting my passwords?

What are the advantages of forming a partnership?

Should I incorporate my business?

How do I manage my small company´s money?

How do you get your children to stop interrupting work time?

Should I file my work information with my personal files since that would be easier?

Do I need an entire room for my home office, or will the corner of the dining room do?

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